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13 free SEO tools to optimize your website 2022

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If you’re a marketer or business owner, you’ve probably heard that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be used more than once or twice. This is due to the fact that it is now an essential component of any effective marketing strategy. Discover several free SEO tools to optimize your website …


free SEO tools
free SEO tools

Google Analytics is a free website tracking tool and platform that collects data on how users interact with your website. Once the data is collected, Google Analytics sorts the data into easy-to-read interactive reports, which we see in the platform. You can track everything from your website traffic to where that traffic is coming from and visitor behavior. You can even track social media activity, mobile app traffic, identify trends, and integrate other data sources to make more informed business decisions.


free SEO tools
free SEO tools / Google Page Speed Insights

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is a tool that lets you quickly and easily test the speed of a web page. Enter a URL and this tool will test the load time and performance for desktops and mobiles, and identify areas for improvement. According to Google, Page Speed ​​Insights measures a page’s performance for mobile devices and desktop devices. It retrieves the URL twice, once with a mobile user-agent and once with a desktop-user agent. The PageSpeed ​​Insights score ranges from 0 to 100 points. A higher score is better, and a score of 85 or more indicates that the page is performing well.

3. KEYWORDTOOL.IO mimics what a user might type into Google, providing a huge range of keyword variables from A to Z and 0 to 10. It uses Google’s autocomplete engine to generate a variety of suggestions for long-tail keywords based on a particular root keyword. Google’s autocompleting or “search suggestion” can be seen in search predictions that appear when a query is entered into Google. Aside from being free, also generates up to 750 keyword suggestions, providing users with excellent long-tail keyword ideas.


free SEO tools
free SEO tools

Google Trends collects data from Google searches and allows users to compare the frequency of search terms against other similar keywords, different geographic regions, or across language barriers. Google Trends can be used for everything from technology forecasting to SEO optimization. How you use Google Trends depends on what you hope to get out of it. Advertisers, for example, can save time and money by pulling hard numbers on what works and what doesn’t. Social media managers, on the other hand, can track the success or popularity of athletes, artists, and other influencers. 


Used by 12 million websites, Yoast SEO offers various essential features to optimize WordPress SEO. Yoast SEO is one of the most important SEO solutions for WordPress. This plugin specializes in on-page SEO optimization by suggesting multiple edits to your content for better search.

Thus, you improve the chances of driving organic traffic to your website and more importantly of generating income for your business. To enter the main keyword of your blog post and Yoast SEO will suggest how to modify your blog post to optimize it for search engines.


LinkMiner is a backlink analysis tool that allows you to research your competitors’ backlink profiles, analyze their link-building strategies, and identify opportunities to gain high authority backlinks for your website. Link Miner is a straightforward Chrome extension that examines the HTTP statuses of all links on the current web page. All 404 errors are highlighted in red. A useful tool for uncovering broken link-building opportunities.

7. MOZ

Moz is an SEO software that can help your business with things like site audits, keyword rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, and more. Moz analyzes data from over 10 different sources – including Google, Yelp, and Facebook – to rate your physical business on how it looks online. The results are accompanied by actionable fixes for inconsistent or incomplete ads.


Google search console
free SEO tools

These webmaster tools give you a taste of what the two major search engines think about your site. These webmaster tools will give you an idea of what the two major search engines think of your site. Google Search Console is one of the most effective free SEO tools available. It allows you to track and troubleshoot how your website appears in search results. It can be used to find and fix technical errors, submit sitemaps, and view backlinks, among other things. Bing webmaster tools, on the other hand, provide detailed information about the keywords associated with your site as well as your position in search results.


Formerly the Google Keyword Tool, this free keyword research tool helps you understand what people are actually looking for. It’s a great way to discover new keywords to target in your campaigns, understand how keyword searches have changed over time, view suggested bid estimates to help you plan your Google budget. Ads, etc. If you need to find the right keywords for your business, this is a great place to start.

To use it, enter a keyword or group of keywords into the tool and Google will return all kinds of useful statistics to guide your keyword strategy: monthly search volume, competition, and even suggested terms that you might not have considered.


ahrefs SEO tools
free SEO tools

The Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is a browser extension that can be used for competitive analysis and link building. This SEO and social media marketing tool primarily assist in crawling the web and obtaining snapshot / SEO information under each URL in SERP. It allows you to view page and domain metrics such as Ahrefs Domain Rating, Ahrefs URL Rating, Ahrefs Rank, Total Backlinks, Referring Domains, Estimated Organic Search Traffic, and the number of ranking keywords.


SimilarWeb is a tool that estimates the total volume of traffic generated by different websites. It lets you see the top sources of competitor traffic, broken down into six main categories, including referral sites, social traffic, and top search keywords.


Google is constantly providing new tools and data to help inform your marketing decisions. One of the things they suggest is to start using structured data on websites to enable a better search experience. Structured data helps Google better understand the content you provide and provides Google users with more valuable and relevant content. Google structured data testing tool uses live data to validate structured data for any web page, or you can copy/paste code to test it.


This free backlink checker is a must-have for any SEO and digital marketer. It is useful for doing a competitor analysis and finding the links that point to your competitor’s sites. Ahrefs’ free version of Backlink Checker displays the top 100 backlinks to any website or URL, along with the total number of backlinks and referring domains, Domain Rating (DR) and UR Rating (UR) if applicable. It is one of the most powerful backlink tools with an extensive link index for storing large volumes of data. It has 398.49 billion crawled pages, 2.81 trillion external backlinks, and 22.79 trillion internal crawled backlinks.

How can I SEO my website for free?

There are many free SEO tools that can help you with your website’s optimization.
The first thing to do is to find out the keywords that people use when searching for information about your product or service. The best way to do this is by using a keyword tool like SEMrush. This will give you an idea of which terms people are using in their searches and how competitive they are, as well as give you suggestions on the most profitable keywords.
Next, create content on your site that would be relevant to those keywords. Try writing blog posts or articles about topics related to your business so that it will attract visitors who are looking for the specific information you provide.

Which free SEO tool is best to gain traffic on my website?

There are many SEO tools that can help you in the process of gaining traffic to your website. The best tool would be SEMrush, which is a highly recommended online platform for finding the best keyword suggestions to help you rank your blog posts higher in search engines.
SEMrush has advanced sorting and filtering features that help you get the best keywords. This is one of the most helpful free SEO tools available today.

How do I improve the SEO ranking of a website?

First, identify the keywords that are being searched for.
Second, come up with a keyword strategy to optimize your website’s content for these terms.
Third, develop an effective link-building plan that includes backlinks from relevant websites and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
Fourth, make sure you have an effective SEO audit in place to make sure your website is on par with its competitors.

What is Google SEO tools?

Google provides a constantly updated suite of SEO-related tools. These tools assist publishers in understanding why a page is underperforming and provide specific advice for improving webpage performance in order to rank higher.

Do Google ads improve SEO?

Improvements to your SEO can help your Google Search ranking by making your page more relevant to users. Despite some myths and claims, running a Google Ads campaign does not improve your SEO rankings. PPC ads, on the other hand, can help you reach a larger audience online.

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