E-commerce trends

E-commerce trends in 2022 | Businesses need to sell better

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E-commerce trends
E-commerce trends

This is the time of e-commerce trends! when the world was “locked down,” e-commerce became a lifeline for businesses and consumers. Growth continues: According to Statista forecasts, network transaction revenue will reach $ 6.5 trillion by 2023.

However, the competition increases as the profits increase. Let’s see the trends to follow in 2022 to attract new customers and ensure your financial growth.

Mobile purchases

The number of purchases made via mobile devices could exceed 70% of the total online transaction volume by the end of 2021. Five years ago, it should be remembered that this share barely exceeded 50%.

This is not a limit: as soon as Gen Z reps become total customers, the share will increase significantly.

E-commerce trends
E-commerce trends Credit: Statista.com

It is worth preparing for it now. It is not enough to adapt an online store’s website to mobile devices – this trend has been outdated for several years. We must achieve a so-called “fluid” shopping experience: For example: when returning from work, customers select products via their smartphone.

Then they go home, open their laptops and order the selected products with just a few clicks, without unnecessary research.

This example is a goal to achieve. What to do :

  • Check the speed and quality of the site loading on mobile devices with different screens,
  • R aking as a simple process of selecting and purchasing and direct as possible,
  • Ensure that users of mobile devices are not limited in their functionality at all stages (search, sorting, comparison, order, payment, etc.),
  • Developing a mobile application – it’s even better.

Developing your application for a commercial project will be a progressive solution. It loads quickly, offers complete access to functions, and can even work without the Internet ( to show the goods loaded in the cache, characteristics, etc. )

Omnichannel technology

The fight for customers forces e-commerce projects to offer products and services on every possible platform. The modern customer decides where to place their order: on a website, on a social network, or via a messaging system. The task of the business is to ensure a presence on all the channels that the target audience uses.

Yes, that comes with additional costs: at the very least, you need to hire staff to track channels, work on content and communications. However, at the same time, it increases the chances of achieving better sales.

Omnichannel technology allows you to combine communication channels with consumers into one system.

E-commerce trends

Here’s what it might look like with an example:

  • The customer is looking for the product they need. He sees the site’s contextual advertising, shows interest, and fills out a comments form,
  • The site representative contacts the customer via WhatsApp, discusses the details, and sends detailed product information,
  • A potential customer is interested in the comments about the company. He finds several blog posts and social media posts where experts speak positively about the brand and its products,
  • The customer wants to see the product “live.” The company representative invites him to come to the company showroom,
  • After visiting the showroom, the customer places an order and pays.

This is a classic example: the customer journey can be shorter and less varied. However, the bottom line is that the company controls all potential channels and leads the customer to the correct solution. However, it is recommended to use special CRMs to manage the different channels: not only do they simplify communications, but they also collect statistical data.

Memorable brands

The modern customer trusts well-known companies: manufacturers and sellers with recognizable brands. This trend has been confirmed for several years. In increasing competition, the company’s identification is essential to build public loyalty.

Creating a brand is a global strategy. It includes the choice of positioning, the study of the public, the creation of the name, and the visual identity. Moreover, modern technologies make it possible to obtain visual elements in a few minutes.

For example, using the Logaster service, you can independently generate symbols and download them as ready-made templates: for a website, social networks, your advertising, and your printed materials.

E-commerce trends
E-commerce trends

A brand is trust. To earn it, you have to build effective communication, track and respond to audience needs, work appropriately with negativity, and participate in overall social projects.

Considering the peculiarities of the modern audience, you need to understand that a brand on the Internet is, first of all, a matter of visual characteristics. It is not only about the logo, but also about the presentation of the products. Instead of static photos or augmented reality, interactive videos will attract customers and make them more loyal as an opportunity to see more.

Maximum personalization

To satisfy the modern user, you need to take a personalized approach. Buying methods and tools have changed, but customers still want a courteous salesperson to help, suggest, and convince them that the buying decision is correct. 78% of consumers buy where they are understood and loved.

How do you get there in the online space? A modern e-commerce site needs to have a basic set of customization tools to tailor the experience of its customers. If they’re not there, it’s time to switch platforms or develop a new site. These tools include:

  • Product recommendations,
  • Automatic memorization of the customer’s characteristics (for example, if he initially chose men’s clothing, he will not have to pick them again during the following visit),
  • Memorization of characteristics (for example, entered clothing sizes, car brands, etc.,
  • Personalization of research (based on data received from the client),
  • Mailings with incomplete purchase reminders,
  • banners with the products in question,
  • Banners offering discounts on the product viewed, etc.
  • Coupon and discount offers for products that the customer regularly buys,
  • Product customization (creating personalized sets and other options for specific needs).

Personalization ideas vary by company and audience. It’s worth exploring your niche and delivering what customers need.

UX improvement

The site should be straightforward, so the number of successful orders will increase. A blatant truth, but how to implement it?

Business need to sell better
E-commerce trends

Obtaining an optimal UX (user experience) requires global work. It influences the following areas:

  1. Navigation. Convenient design and user interface of the main site page, clear logic of the division into categories and subcategories, logical menu structure.
  2. Search the site. Support for various search queries (product name, number, any feature including misspellings), autocompletion, and tips, directing to certain pages if nothing was found.
  3. Filtering. The look and feel of the catalog, the data in the preview of the displayed products, the filtering logic, the ability to compare features at the preview stage, etc.
  4. The products page. Convenient interface, clear structure, quality visual content, complete description, availability of primary data (characteristics, payment, delivery, discounts, etc.), convenient location of the “Add to cart” button, and the possibility of purchasing without registration.
  5. Place an order. A practical journey from basket to payment: a minimum of fields to fill in, automatic connection for registration, saving the basket to order after a particular time, secure data transfer, the choice between different payment and delivery methods.

Voice assistance

Replacing a call center with a voice robot is convenient and saves costs. You can significantly optimize the personnel of live operators since most scenarios can be written for robotic assistants.

E-commerce trends
E-commerce trends

Modern artificial intelligence technologies are developing: shortly, it will be possible to obtain full-fledged voice consultants who will not be less good than living operators.

At this point, the voice robots can receive instructions:

  • Technical assistance on the most common questions,
  • Product offers,
  • Conducting surveys,
  • Cross-selling.

Bots can answer calls and make calls on their own, offer products, and interview customers. In the case of technical support, it is necessary to provide the possibility of switching to a live operator. Otherwise, the customer who did not receive a quality response will leave.

Virtual and augmented reality

According to analysts at ABI Research, more than 120,000 online stores will use AR to gain customer attention and improve user experience in 2022. Some companies are already applying these technologies successfully.

Business need to sell better
E-commerce trends

For example, in the spring, Amazon opened a hair salon where you can try out a hairstyle or new hair color using AR. Stores offer to assess how the purchased furniture will fit into your interior.

Another idea is to see if large appliances will fit into the space prepared for them. This is a promising niche, and many valuable ideas can be implemented here.


what is e commerce?

E-commerce is a system of selling goods or services online. In order to sell products online, you need an e-commerce website and it is also important to know how to market your product on the internet so that you can get maximum sales.
One of the most popular methods for marketing your product is social media marketing where you share information about your product with others on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
In order to make a successful e-commerce business, you need to have a great idea for a product that people will want and be willing to buy from you. It’s also essential that you have knowledge in the field of marketing and branding because if not then customers won’t be able to find out about your brand easily.

what does e commerce mean?

E-commerce is a term that refers to online commerce, and the electronic process of buying and selling products or services.
This process can be done via phone, computer, or other devices.
A recent trend in e-commerce is the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to promote their products. These platforms help create a sense of community among followers so they feel more connected with their company.

how does e commerce work?

E-commerce is a digital marketplace where people can buy and sell goods and services using electronic means.
When someone buys something on the e-commerce platform, the merchant or retailer sends an order confirmation to the buyer’s email address. The buyer can then check their account for status updates from their purchase, which are sent as emails by the retailer.

what is an e commerce clerk?

An e-commerce clerk is someone who works in a company that deals with online sales. They are responsible for processing orders, fulfilling orders, packing, and shipping products to customers, making customer service calls, and more.
This job is highly technical and requires extensive knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

what event marked the beginning of e commerce?

e-commerce, a term that is sometimes used interchangeably with e-business, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services over the Internet.
The first online business was conducted in 1985 by Michael Aldrich.


E-commerce trends 2022 are related to improving user experience and increasing brand loyalty. Businesses today must implement end-to-end solutions to take full advantage of online sales growth.

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