Instagram followers

How to gain Instagram followers 1000 to 2000 per month for a restaurant?

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Instagram followers
Instagram followers

Let’s see how a restaurant (quality fast food) can ride the wave of Instagram followers. This involves gaining 1,000 to 2,000 qualified Instagram followers for specific catering activities, with a very low budget to devote to actions to be deployed.

The restaurant business lends itself very well to Instagram use. The social network dedicated to the image can thus allow many restaurateurs to benefit from good visibility. We are going to analyze the different points to consider because not all types of restoration can work on this lever.

Instagram and the food industry

The food theme is one of the most represented on Instagram but it is difficult to be able to emerge on this platform, even when the creativity is at the rendezvous. For what reasons? Quite simply because creativity is mainly sought in the visuals to be shared and their presentation on Instagram. We can work on collections, triptychs, filter applications of all kinds and get as much as possible on Instagram Stories. We, therefore, forget the creativity around an action carried out, which will allow it to achieve its objective.

Influence on Instagram

Instagram followers
Instagram followers

Many brands and personalities in the food industry have an account on Instagram and thus capitalize on their notoriety. For these accounts, it is not necessary to over-produce content, as only one content per week will be very engaging and generate many interactions. We can consider them as influencers for many of them.

If, on the other hand, you are not known, we will tend to want to produce a lot of content to bring dynamism to our Insta account.

There are no miracle recipes on Instagram, just tips that are the same for all users. Beyond that, we work on strategies on a case-by-case basis, which is clearly preferable when we want to stand out. In the food industry, we mostly see dishes, which is not bad in itself, but it limits the possibility of emerging in the midst of similar content.

How to do when you are a restaurant and you want to emerge on Instagram? 

Let’s define the restaurants that are affected by this strategy.

Which restaurants can gain many Instagram followers?

In catering, not all are equal with regard to social networks, this is particularly the case for fast food on the one hand and gastronomy on the other. The strategies will differ and if we look at the gastronomy side, it is often a question of capitalizing on a chef. At this stage, the influence of the chef will do the job and the Instagram account will be relatively followed. It is rather a question here of fast food but nevertheless qualitative. For example a quality burger without rocking in basic food. The idea is to introduce a concept around the restaurant by targeting a young clientele, addicted to social networks and in particular to Instagram.

Know fast food

In fast-food restaurants, we do not necessarily invest in social networks and we do not release a budget for actions, therefore. To know where to take a “semblance” of budget you have to know the operating modes of fast food.

It is through delivery that we find that restaurants ceded around 30 to 35% of their bill to service providers. A rate reduced today to around 25% since delivery services charge. In the end, this can lead to the loss of many customers as the prices become much more expensive for delivery.

It is a way for restaurants to expand their clientele, but at the expense of the margin generated. Sometimes it is just a question of a place that is too narrow and does not allow it to reach a larger clientele.

Just remember this rate is ceded to delivery services.

How to gain qualified Instagram followers for your restaurant?

gain Instagram followers
gain Instagram followers

Let’s get to the heart of the matter and imagine a typical restaurant to deploy the strategy that interests us. You have these elements to consider:

  • Type of restaurant: Burger or similar (high-end)
  • Clientele: 20-35 years old (target of Instagram users)
  • Seats: 100 on average (which is rather visible in quality fast-food restaurants).
  • Service: 2 at noon, 2 in the evening (approximately 400 covers per day)
  • Average basket: $30 / person (Menu + drink)
  • Location: Paris or a large metropolis

To start the restaurant’s presence on Instagram and gain subscribers, it will be necessary to highlight a catchy message. As a reminder, we consider that many fast-food restaurants (fast food) go through delivery services such as Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc …

This causes a large loss of margin because 25% of the bill on average can thus be returned. In our case, we are going to reduce this loss, by compensating with an action aimed at bringing in customers. The idea is to create virality on Instagram in addition to giving a nice discount to encourage customers to come and consume.

This is how to do it:

1. Purchase of plexiglass type support (to be placed on each table) where communication will be slipped that will look like this:

For anyone who takes a beautiful photo of their dish, and then shares it on Instagram by subscribing to our account, a 15% (or 20%) discount will be provided at the checkout at the time of payment.

Hashtags to use #nomdurestaurant #burger

To prove his action, the customer will show his smartphone with the account subscription and his Instagram post. The discount will then be recorded. Here it is about working on a discount in order to bring customers to the restaurant and disengage (if necessary and/or eventually) from home delivery if it is offered. There remains a problem to be managed which we will see below. That of any unsubscribing following the promo offer.

It is quite possible to notice a loss of new subscribers and even delete the posts created. The idea is not to suspend the promo if the customer wants to continue to benefit from the discount.

What you need to work on is the retention rate, that is to say, retain your subscribers as much as possible and thus prevent unsubscribes from your Instagram account. The best solution to adopt, and it is not difficult to implement, is to create a close link with your customers.

Clear! Make your customers your “friends” by going to see them, discussing with them and asking them if everything went well, and even asking them to get involved in the preparation of a dish, for example. Create vents, theme nights, or whatever to make the restaurant as friendly as possible. As if you were making your customers a big family. Create animations, work on your empathy and thus generate a lasting commitment.

Your customers will find you likable, it will create links, word of mouth and you will considerably lower your unsubscribe rates from your Instagram account.

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