How often should you blog

How often should you blog?

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It is a very exciting question how often you should publish articles in your own blog and many bloggers have already dealt with it.

Nevertheless, you know the answer to that yourself. At least when it comes to your way of blogging. Because opinions in the blogosphere often differ when it comes to frequency and rhythm.

In some corners, I can read, for example, that this or that number of articles would be ideal and in other corners of the Internet, I read that there should be so and so many weekly articles.

I think most bloggers report here about their own preferences and individual reading behavior and do not necessarily give a generally valid answer. But how is this to be found?

However, blog frequency is a very important topic to get your site on track and is largely responsible for the initial success. In addition, our blog frequency naturally determines the external perception of new visitors. Of course, the first impression counts here!

Therefore, I would like to tell you what experiences I have been able to gather in my blogs in recent years and to what extent they have influenced my success.

Write 10+ articles

Especially with new projects, I tend to write a lot. Sometimes even more than 10 posts per week. This is simply because I don’t like it when the blog looks so empty. Also, I think an orphaned blog doesn’t make a good impression.

Furthermore, I am happy about every visitor and of course, the project should progress quickly. This works mainly through mass. Because the more we write, the more readers naturally end up on our blog.

With 10 articles a week, I have achieved a very good rate in recent years and often noticed noticeable changes in access after just a few days.

The number of visitors is rising sharply and the blog is growing continuously! But that’s hard work and certainly not for everyone.

Write 5+ articles

A good basis for a successful blog start is if we plan five articles per week. This is basically quite manageable, especially if we write a few posts in a row and then just publish them at different times.

Especially new blogs show quite obviously: Hey! I have something to read and it’s worth checking in with me every day! Just stay right here!

I also write five articles a week for the blog box and I think that’s a good average to stabilize the blog in the long term.

In the early days, we see successes and draw attention to ourselves. The growth is very constant and many readers also prefer this rhythm.

Write 1+ articles

Especially for blog beginners, a low frequency is often the premature end and goes hand in hand with displeasure and dwindling motivation. But of course, that’s a shame!

Because often one has the feeling that no one is interested in what we blog about. Maybe that’s not true and only the last article wasn’t a hit. But of course, it’s difficult to deal with.

By the way, if we first look at a large archive of blog articles, it no longer has any serious effects if there is one less weekly article. Perhaps our contributions will then even be expected by our readers. Of course, it sucks!

Of course, such a frequency is conceivable, but we should bring a lot of perseverance and patience with us and not count on a bombastic success overnight.


How often should you blog? Just decide now and think of an answer that makes you happy and satisfied. Because in the end, you have to make do with this one.

But no matter what answer you find to the question, stick with it. Because one of the most important points is that we publish content regularly. Of course, we specify the frequency ourselves.

No matter what rhythm we find for ourselves, we should stick to it!

In this way, we make it easier for our visitors to follow our blog and clearly show when there is new content.  I’ve gotten into the habit of visiting certain pages only weekly and checking others almost every day. Well, those bloggers must have conditioned me.

Find your own rhythm

Ideally, you just try a little around. How often do we even feel like writing, when can we find the time to blog, and is there anything we actually want to share?

  • Trying out when we are productive
  • …and blog at different times.
  • Write several articles in creative phases
  • …and publish them selectively.

If you set a few deadlines, you can easily find your own blog rhythm and delight your readers with regular articles.

Can you write too much?

But I’ve often been asked if it’s possible to blog too much. Well… the question is obvious because little content is not good either.

But let’s make it easy for ourselves and just have a look on the Internet: One of the largest sites is and countless articles appear here every day and all of them find their readership.

And I think that’s not so far removed from blog reality because even the big and well-known blogs put out a lot of posts a day.

However, we should keep in mind that there are on average fewer readers for the individual articles, since the latest post is no longer displayed at the top of the blog. But he is not lost and he can still attract countless visitors to the archive.

Anyone who wants to read our blog follows the articles via feed or email anyway and will still find exciting articles.

If we’re serious about blogging!

It’s been my experience that initially there can’t be enough articles that we can write on our blog and make available to our readers. It’s clearly about quantity here, although, of course, the quality is decisive for the success of our blog in the long term.

It can be around five articles per week because especially in the first few weeks and months we should draw as many readers as possible to our blog and persuade them to stay.

When our blog slips out of its infancy and regular visitors read our articles, this is even put into perspective a little and we can also schedule regular breaks.

Because our regular readers are also happy about a weekly article. And we’re back to where we started: Trained regularity!

How often should you blog to be successful?

It does not imply that you must write that many — it is simply a suggestion. HubSpot recommends that small blogs post one to two new posts per week, and large blogs post three to four times per week, to increase brand awareness (including updated posts).

How many times a month should you post a blog?

They are also not incorrect. Many people agree that blogging on a regular basis (2-4 times per week) provides the best return. According to several studies, the ideal number of posts per month is between 11 and 16, with 11 being the sweet spot.

Should I blog daily?

If your blog is news-focused and in a fast-paced niche, posting daily is a good schedule. If you want to be a trendsetter with your blog, weekly or monthly posts will not suffice. If you have a loyal and engaged audience that visits your site on a regular basis, frequent posting is also a good idea.

What is the best time of day to post a blog?

The best time to publish a blog post is early morning on weekdays between 7 AM and 1 PM EST. The peak time is between 9 and 10 a.m., indicating when you can schedule or publish your posts.

How many posts does a blog need?

We recommend starting with at least 10 to 15 posts if you want to start a blog that gets a lot of traffic. Publish consistently after launch; according to one study, having at least 24 blog posts can increase traffic to your blog by 30%, and having more than 50 posts can increase traffic by 77%.

When should I post content?

The best time to publish a post for maximum traffic is on Monday, around 11 a.m. The weekend is over, and people are looking for something interesting to do in the middle of the week. However, if you want to get comments, Saturday morning is the best time, according to research.

Why do bloggers fail?

One of the reasons bloggers fail is that they do not create engaging, high-quality content. With so much content being created, great content is the safest bet for getting in on the action. As a result, you can provide information to your audience that they would not be able to find on any other blog.

Who is the target audience of my blog?

Simply put, your blog’s target audience is the group of readers who will benefit the most from your blog. They are the people who will benefit the most from your articles and are most likely to fall in love with your content.

How long does it take for a blog to become popular?

The average time for a new blog to gain traction in search engines is 3 to 6 months. This assumes that you consistently publish high-quality content and are actively building backlinks to those articles.

What makes a successful blog?

Successful bloggers pick a niche and stick to it. They write about their chosen subject on a consistent basis, with a consistent voice and approach. Even when they write about something that appears to be off-topic, they tie it back to the niche in which they know their readers are interested.

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