How to Change the Name of a Facebook Page?

How to Change the Name of a Facebook Page?

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Need to know how to change the name of a Facebook page for your business? let’s start!

When you create a Facebook page, you must give it a name that allows users to find your business on the platform.

In some cases, you may need to change the name of your previously chosen Facebook page. For example, when you made a spelling mistake when setting up your Facebook page or because your business has changed over time.

In this article, we will see together how to change the name of a pro-Facebook page with the new version of Facebook, what are the rules for page names, and what to do if you cannot change the name of your Facebook page.

How to change the name of a Facebook page in 2022?

First of all, keep in mind that only an admin can request to change the name of a Facebook page.

The other roles assigned to a person (eg editor or moderator) do not have enough rights to perform this operation.

Now that we have covered this point, let’s move on to the procedure itself.

  1. Go to your Facebook Page and click on Page Settings at the bottom of the left column.
  2. Then, select Page Info .
  3. Click on the name of your Page.
  4. Enter the new name.
  5. In the window that opens, confirm your request by clicking on Request a change .
How to Change the Name of a Facebook Page?
How to Change the Name of a Facebook Page?
How to Change the Name of a Facebook Page?
How to Change the Name of a Facebook Page?

Facebook then reviews your request. You will receive a decision notification within 3 days at the latest.

When I performed this test on a demo page for the purposes of this tutorial, the validation was instantaneous.

Note that once your request is accepted, you cannot unpublish your Facebook page or change your Facebook page name again for 7 days.

In addition, people who like your Facebook Page (your fans) are likely to receive a notification informing them of the name change of your Facebook Page.

What are the prohibited page names on Facebook?

Facebook does not allow changing the name of a page in the situations described below:

  • You want to use the term ”  official  ” when your page is not the official page of a brand or business.
  • You are trying to use the term ”  Facebook” or some variation .
  • You incorporate symbols (for example @) or punctuation marks .
  • Your name is capitalized only or is based on grammatically incorrect capitalization .
  • Your name infringes the rights of others or contains terms or expressions of an abusive nature .
  • Your name only contains a generic term (eg: pancake) or a generic geographic location (eg: Biarritz).

What if you can’t change the name of your Facebook page?

If you are having trouble changing the name of your Facebook page, consider the following options:

  • You do not have sufficient rights (you are not an administrator).
  • You (or another administrator) changed the name of your Facebook page less than 7 days ago .
  • Your page is subject to limits imposed by Facebook . For example, not all administrator profiles on your page are genuine. Or, your page posts content that may mislead people who like or subscribe to it. (The full list of these limits is available here ).
  • You have a regional page attached to a global page.

If you think that you are not affected by one of the situations mentioned above, contact Facebook directly, for example by using this form.


Changing the name of a Facebook page implies respecting certain rules as we have just seen.

The operational procedure is simple.

I am regularly contacted for problems relating to the renaming of Facebook pages. Please note that I do not offer support for technical issues encountered on Facebook. Also, I hope you find this resource useful.

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