meet the expectations of visitors

How to meet the expectations of visitors!

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You can set up a blog very quickly and the first steps are quickly taken. We simply download WordPress and happily hit the keys. At some point, the first readers will come. But what can we do to make them stay? and, How to meet the expectations of visitors?

It’s like this: Every reader who comes to a blog or, for that matter, a website, has a problem. He is looking for an answer and at any point he finds it.

Let’s assume that you wrote an article on how to blog. You raised some exciting questions and shed light on many details. They make you want more and the inclined reader is impressed by your article.

He subscribes to the feed, gets the newsletter, or bookmarks your blog. In a way, he becomes your regular reader.

But how do we keep our new guests engaged? What can you do? I show it to you!

Fulfilling expectations as a blogger

In this blog article, I would like to introduce you to five strategies on how to keep your readers engaged, how to make them curious, and how to get them to come back.

1. Be clear, write clearly

When I come to a blog, I decide after the first few seconds whether the article is of any use to me or not. This is not science, it happens in a few seconds.

I usually skim the article and if it appeals to me, I read it. That’s why it’s important to follow a common thread when blogging. Don’t keep jumping from one thought to the next, but stay on task.

When I start an article, I think about what my goal is when blogging the post.

What should the visitor take away and what does he get from the article? What do I want to work out? I present this initially, develop it, and finally summarize it.

2. Don’t promise too much. Stick to your last!

It is now common practice to resort to lurid headlines. The best blog tips or the most beautiful WordPress themes are now being offered for sale everywhere. One trumps the other.

However, this can end fatally if we raise high expectations among our visitors and are unable to meet them at all.

A headline can invite a click because it promises a lot or is perhaps provocative. But if nobody wants to continue reading, the bottom line is that we haven’t gained anything at all.

It is therefore advisable to write and announce what you can really hold. And if you really have something great: Show them!

3. Understand the reader! follow up!

At first, I wrote that most visitors come to our blog with an expectation. Ideally, because they are interested in the basic topic of our site and have not just ended up with us by accident.

Now we can enjoy this one-hit wonder or eagerly add to it and completely round off the expectations of these visitors. And who do we ask in a meaningful way? Exactly our readers!

  • Polls: On the web , I regularly conduct polls to find out what my readers want or what they would like to read more about. You can also read good moods.
  • Comments are often the icing on the cake when we blog. Take a look at which article your readers commented on the most. And then give up.
  • Ask your readers directly! Because that is also possible. Ask them what they want more content about and what really interests them.
  • Look at your stats. Here you can easily see which content is read frequently and which is not so popular. If many readers come because of a topic, serve those requests.

With these four points, we can create wonderful content that makes sense for our readers and that they really want to read. If you have an idea yourself, I’d be happy to receive a tip.

4. Blog regularly!

I have already described in another article how often you should blog. Above all, the bottom line of this post is that you should do it regularly.

If a visitor is on our blog for the first time and agrees to read along with us, then new content is also needed.

Imagine you discover a new blog on the internet. You find the topic interesting and look back after a few days. Now there are two possibilities: either nothing happened or new content is waiting for us. What motivates you more?

However, it is not important that we impose a frequency that we cannot keep to or that we do not enjoy ourselves. We prefer to see what suits us and go through with it!

5. Pull through announcements!

In the third point, I wrote that we should not promise too much. But that doesn’t just apply to our headlines and blog topics. No. The same applies to announcements.

These can cause our readers to visit our blog again. For example, we write an article with the 30 best tips for blogging.

And then we just split it up and promise to continue next week. Maybe we’ll make a small series out of it and publish another article from it every month? As you like.

If you really follow up, you can count on your regular readers. I, too, visit a blog more often if I can rely on the blogger in question.


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