The skills needed in 2022 to start a digital career

The skills needed in 2022 to start a digital career

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Why get into digital marketing? In 2021 more than ever, skills in the digital world are essential to boost your professional career! 

Whether you are in professional retraining or already in the world of marketing, digital is essential to acquire and advance your skills in a constantly evolving connected world. Digital adapts to all sectors of activity and can allow you to quickly develop and improve your personal branding.  

For that you need to understand and master the vocabulary specific to the web, vocabulary which could sometimes in the past destabilize you … By way of new techniques of cold mailing, Outreach or even retargeting tactics. These 6 skills needed in 2021 will allow you to familiarize yourself with all the terms of digital.

Here are the 6 essential skills for a successful digital career.

A prerequisite: understanding the purchasing journey

Throughout the customer journey, your prospect will be ready to receive different information from you, through different channels. After having defined the dissatisfactions and the needs of your target, you will be able to set up your ideal digital marketing strategy.

For this, you will need to master different levers to build a digital device that works and by which your prospect will be attracted. The presence on the web takes different forms, knowing the pitfalls to avoid but also the best practices is essential before going headlong.

1. Search marketing

The skills needed in 2022
The skills needed in 2022

The first essential skill is Search Marketing

This skill will allow your website to be found and seen by your prospects. By working on your natural referencing ( SEO ) and paid-to-reference (SEA), your prospect will come naturally via an internet search. You will also need to master the main principles and vocabulary specific to Search to succeed in standing out on Google.

2. Display marketing

You also need to master display marketing

Through targeted advertising, you go to meet your prospect. You will have to work on the web display with for example Google ads Display Network but also the display on social networks by setting up campaigns via Facebook ads. This will allow you to target new customers but also to retarget.

3. Content marketing

The skills needed in 2022
The skills needed in 2022

The 3rd essential skill in 2021 that you definitely need to master is content marketing. Depending on your target, you need to define the different types of content they like, but also how to address them in order to reduce the barrier to consumption.  

Real work on the choice of subjects and formats is essential to successfully stand out from your competitors and successfully reach your target audience. All this must be synthesized and anchored in a complete editorial strategy to increase your visibility on the web tenfold.

4. Social networks

The skills needed in 2022
The skills needed in 2022

I’m not telling you anything when I tell you that in 2021 social networks will take a very important place in your sales strategy.

To do this, you need to understand the main guidelines of each network and know how to use them at the right time, for the right person. Not to mention the acquisition of the ability to manage and animate a community on a daily basis to improve your retention strategy.

5. Market automation

Digital also allows you to approach prospects in a completely different way via mailing and market automation campaigns that will allow you to speak to your prospects in a segmented manner and personalized to their needs. Mastering the different tools for successful campaigns is a more than useful skill to double your sales.

6. Web analytics

Web Analytics
The skills needed in 2022

The last skill that you absolutely need is the mastery of various web analytics software to follow the evolution of your campaigns, analyze your areas for improvement and be always more efficient on the web.

To start now

Once you have mastered these 6 skills with ease and have successfully applied them to your industry, you will surely see a rise in your digital career!

What skills will be in demand in 2022?

The skills that will be in demand for 2022 are:
Data science: This is a rapidly growing field and it requires programming, statistical analysis, and data modeling skills.
Computer software development: There is a huge demand for computer software developers as this industry continues to grow at an exponential rate.
Machine learning: This skill has been on the rise since its introduction into the market and will continue to increase with time due to the increased need for automated decision-making systems and AI-based algorithms across all industries including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, etc.
Social media marketing: Social media marketing continues to grow in popularity because of the ease of use provided by platforms like Facebook and Instagram which allow businesses to communicate directly with their customers without having to invest too much money into marketing campaigns or ads on TV or radio stations or any other mediums previously used by companies before social media came along (though it can also be used effectively as well).

What are the 5 basic digital skills?

Digital skills are the different aspects of a person’s ability to use digital technology.
Digital literacy: The ability to read, write, and speak in the language of a particular digital platform.
Digital fluency: The ability to use these skills with confidence and competence across multiple platforms without interruption or confusion.
Digital dexterity: The skill of being able to manipulate digital information quickly and efficiently using both hands in order to navigate and create content for a variety of purposes on multiple devices simultaneously, including using only one hand or even just the fingertips.
Multitasking abilities: The skill set that allows people to perform two or more tasks at once while maintaining focus on each task individually and having all tasks completed successfully before moving on to the next one(s).
Design thinking: Being able to think through problems as they relate specifically to design constraints as well as exploring creative solutions in an iterative process that results in meaningful innovation over time.

What are strong digital skills?

Digital skills are skills that relate to the digital world. Digital skills include anything from coding, app development, graphic design, to web design and online marketing.
Here are some of the strong digital skills:
1. Web Designing
2. Graphic Design
3. User Experience Design
4. App Development

What digital skills should I learn?

Digital skills can be broken down into three broad categories: technical, business, and creative.
Technical skills are what you need to know in order to build websites, apps, or other digital products that run on the internet. These include programming languages like HTML and CSS as well as software tools like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word.
Business skills are those that help you market your product or service effectively. This includes things like marketing, finance, accounting, graphic design, and social media marketing.
Creative skills are those needed for writing content such as blogs posts or copy for websites.

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